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The “Facial of the Future” For Your Body!

Do you love the GLO2 Facial? Have you seen your skin glow up and wished you could get it on your chest or your back? Maybe you have struggled with body breakouts, keratosis pilaris, or dry skin. The GLO2 body treatment in Newburgh can help treat all those issues! This is the body version of the facial that seems to have risen in popularity overnight–and for good reason. With 7 serums, oxygenating exfoliation, ultrasound and lymphatic massage stages, the benefits literally sink right in!

What It Treats


uneven skintone

acne & clogged pores







The GLO2 Body treatment in Newburgh has all the perks of a GLO2 Face treatment but for your body!

How It Works

The GLO2 Body treatment works just like the GLO2 Facial. First the Oxfoliation stage uses the OxyPods to oxygenate and exfoliate. Then a serum is applied that is soaked up by the skin via the Lux stage or the ultrasound stage. This low level ultrasound helps revive and rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level. Then the Detox stage involves another serum and a relaxing massage for lymphatic drainage and muscle tension.

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