Disrupt Wrinkles With Dysport

Dysport in Newburgh

Length of Treatment

15 to 30 minutes

Sessions Needed


Results Duration

4 to 5 months

Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Anti-Aging Plans

Have you noticed your face changing? Are you looking for a way to lose 5 years of gravity and muscle memory? Our skin slowly loses collagen as we age, wrinkles and lines deepen as we make the same expressions. But facelifts and cosmetic surgery are invasive!

Hudson Valley Beauty Lab has a solution to deep set lines and wrinkles with Dysport in Newburgh. We can treat the cause of dynamic and static lines, so you and your muscles can finally relax.

What It Treats

crows feet


Masster Tightness

overdeveloped jaw muscles

downturned mouth

Wrinkles and Fine lines

lip flip

full face

upper face

lower face

platysmal bands

marionette lines


Dysport is a great muscular modulator for fine lines and wrinkles. When considering treatment for forehead lines and wrinkles, consider Dysport advantages.

How It Works

Dysport (or abobotulinumtoxinA) is a neuromodulating drug. It has been clinically and chemically refined to act as a wrinkle relaxer. Wrinkle relaxers work by partially blocking specific chemical signals that cause muscles to contract.  Following their introduction to the cosmetic and medical fields in 1989, they have grown quickly in popularity due to their effectiveness, safety and versatility. Wrinkle relaxing drugs are safe for a variety of uses when done by a certified injector.

The Process

Pre and Post-Injection Instructions

Full Treatment Protocol

Get the whole benefit from your Dysport in Newburgh.

Policies at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

We look forward to helping you along your journey to cosmetic empowerment! To make sure your experience is completely seamless, take a look at the appointment policies we use to accommodate our patients.


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