The Non-Ablative Laser Treatment

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Newburgh

Length of Treatment

30 to 60 minutes

Sessions Needed

at least 3

Results Duration

3 to 4 months

Lose Less Time, With ResurFX

Many options for laser skin resurfacing in Newburgh are going to be ablative. That means that whatever your concern, be it texture, lines, wrinkles or laxity, an ablative laser is going to remove skin cells and tissue to some extent. While this can be effective, the downtime required for recovery can be quite long.

ResurFX can provide laser skin resurfacing without that loss of tissue–or time! By using some of the only non-ablative fractional laser technology on the market today, you will be able to get back to normal in no time.

What It Treats


fine lines & Wrinkles

Skin TIghtening

Undereye Hollowing

Pore Size

Skin elasticity

Loss of collagen



Collagen Production


There are a lot of advantages to choosing HVBL's ResurFX laser skin resurfacing in Newburgh.

How It Works

ResurFX is a non-ablative laser skin resurfacing in Newburgh at HVBL. It improves skin texture, laxity, and tone by stimulating collagen growth. Unlike other laser treatments ResurFX only requires one pass over the skin. Additionally, the laser’s patented Cool Scan technology prevents the skin from overheating. Non-ablative laser treatments are milder than their ablative and more invasive counterparts. They are best for protecting darker skin tones and have a lower risk for side effects.

The Process

Pre-Care & Postcare

Full Treatment Protocol

Get the most out of your laser skin resurfacing in Newburgh.

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