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Med Spa Injector Training in Newburgh

Grow Your Career at HVBL

Professional Nurse Injectors get more out of their careers—more satisfaction, more happy clients, and more income stability.

Nursing school graduates are increasingly seeking out an introduction to the aesthetics industry. If that’s you, reach out to Nurse Randi. She completely understands where you’re at right now and can help you figure out how to get started.

Through the HVBL Mentorship Program, you’ll spend 4 or 8 hours getting med spa training in Newburgh as you shadow HBVL professionals, learning the ins and outs of the day-to-day medical spa operation.

A Quick History of HVBL

In 2015 Randi Quick received her nursing degree, at the age of 29. About 5 years into her nursing career, she began an affiliateship with an online makeup brand and fell in love with the cosmetic industry. During downtime during the COVID Pandemic, Randi decided to expand on her cosmetic interest and became a microblading artist, taking advanced courses, earning certificates, and opening a studio in Newburgh, NY.

Randi furthered her education, honed her skills and accumulated a client base. Throughout 2021 Randi reflected on her passion of the medical field and the gratification she felt when it came to caring for others and making them feel better about themselves. Not wanting her medical degree and experience to goto waste, Randi started entertaining the idea of merging both cosmetics and esthetic medicine. She started to educate, collaborate and strategize. Soon enough, she opened the doors to Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa. Over the years Randi and team have grown and developed, fine tuning their skills and immersing themselves in education ultimately resulting in the success HVBL is today. HVBL offers a SoHo vibe, authentic care, and a professional team passionate about helping you feel confident in yourself and about yourself.

What to Expect

You can learn about the medical aesthetics industry through HVBL’s med spa training in Newburgh. It involves spending 4 or 8 hours, depending on your choice of investment, receiving a full introduction to the daily operation of a successful medical spa.

You may be completely new to the industry, a nurse wanting more from their career, or even an experienced Nurse Injector thinking about opening your own spa. Whatever your hopes and dreams, our mentoring program introduces you to the full aspects of working at a true boutique medical spa.

What You'll Learn

Medical Aesthetics - Train for advanced techniques and treatments that go above and beyond the textbook.

Cosmetic Applications - You might discover a whole new career starting with medical esthetics.

Business Acumen - Spend time with Adam, the Business Manager, planning and strategizing ways to establish a healthy medi spa business.


Whether you're "testing the waters" for a career change, or you're ready to make the leap and want to know how to land with both feet on the ground, the HVBL Mentoring Program gives you insight that's in step with today's best practices.

Meet the HVBL Team

When you come to our SoHo-style boutique storefront in the East End Historic District of Newburgh, NY, it’s like coming home. Our family of aesthetic and cosmetic experts welcomes you with warmth, laughter, and an elevated sense of service.

We’re ready to enhance every client’s reflection and bring their cosmetic aspirations to life. Get to know the people who help others discover true beauty that is uniquely, gorgeously their own.

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