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Chemical Peels in Newburgh

Length of Treatment

20 minutes

Sessions Needed


Results Duration

6 months +

Layers Don’t Always Do You Favors

If our skin stops shedding dead cells, we start to have issues with lines, wrinkles, clogged pores, irritation, and breakouts. This kind of thing can be caused by sun damage, hormonal fluctuations, dry skin, or an unbalanced skincare routine.

Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa can counteract this issue with chemical peels in Newburgh. Chemical peels are a controlled way to peel away those dead skin cells, bringing new skin to the surface. Get your chemical peel “reset” at HVBL!

What It Treats

skin texture


fine lines & wrinkles

hyper/hypo pigmentaton

sun spots

fine lines

Available Peels

At HVBL, we offer the BioRePeel and AlphaRet 50 Chemical Peels in Newburgh.

How It Works

Chemical peels are type of deep chemical exfoliation. They are done by a medical aesthetics professional as an in-office treatment. The AlphaRet system contains a topical retinoid and alpha hydroxy acids that penetrate deep into the skin to brighten and renew skin. The BioRePeel contains 35% trichloroacetic acid or TCA which unbinds keratin proteins in the skin, causing peeling of the epidermis or outermost layer of skin. When looking for chemical peels in NewBurgh, be sure to do research into all your options, as there are many different chemical peels promising different results.

The Process

Pre and Post-Peel Instructions

Full Treatment Protocols

Get the most out of a chemical peel in Newburgh.

Policies at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

We do keep our policies up to date to ensure your treatment experience at HVBL goes as smoothly as possible. Find out how we are able to make accommodations for all our patients.


Our Specials & Packages

Our specials and packages are created specifically to offer you savings on some of our most popular treatments. These specials include wrinkle reducing, brightening, and rejuvenating treatments. Plan your beauty journey and achieve your aesthetic goals without putting a wrinkle in your financial plan!

Specials & Packages

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About Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

Our owner, Randi Quick RN, opened HVBL as a luxury medical spa with a Soho boutique feel. She works hard to provide natural and minimalist techniques to her patients. Her team shares her passion, getting regular career growth opportunities and continual training that they put to work in the services they provide the HVBL community.

HVBL is a place where you can expect to get only the most refined approaches to aesthetics.