precision Microblading

Microblading in Newburgh

Length of Treatment

90 to 180 minutes

Sessions Needed

1 plus touch-ups

Results Duration

12 to 18 months

2 Steps to Perfect Brows

Nanoblading is an effective solution for making sure your eyebrows are always on point. Completely customizable, we offer this unique version of microblading in Newburgh at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa.

Step 1: choose your brow shape and color. Step 2: Your nanoblading specialist artfully executes your vision. It’s that simple.

What it Does

Fills in thin or non existing brow hair

Depth of hair and color

Gives you face framing brows

Realsitic hair like strokes

Colored matched brows

Adjust shaping


Trying Nano Microblading in Newburgh at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab comes with benefits.

How It Works

Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup similar to tattooing. The difference is the depth at which pigment is deposited, and the size of the blade. In nano microblading in Newburgh, the pigment is deposited into the very top layer of skin with a set of needles much smaller than in traditional tattooing. These needles are sized to mimic the width of brow hair when pigment is deposited into the skin. Nurse Randi creates each stroke by hand, she does not use a device or machine.

The Process

Pre-Care & Postcare

Full Treatment Protocol

Get the most out of your microblading in Newburgh.

Policies at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

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