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Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare Products From HVBL

Your home-based skincare regimen is as important as any treatment you can receive! What you do at home supports your treatment and therapy results so that they look great for longer amounts of time.

Plus, pharmaceutical-grade skincare products are purer, with more powerful ingredients—all clinically researched to be safe and effective. When you shop the selection of top-grade brands and our own in-house line at your skin clinic in Newburgh, you can protect your skin from harmful elements while encouraging healthy cellular regeneration from the inside out.

What It Treats


Age spots

Sun/UV exposure

Fine lines/wrinkles


Skin laxity

Dry skin

Sun spots

Treatment support

And more!

Shop HVBL’s Premier Products

Along with formulating our own unique products, our skin clinic in Newburgh has partnered with two of the leading pharmaceutical-grade skincare lines. skinbetter Science has remarkable corrective and restorative options (Nurse Randi’s favorite) and iS Clinical has phenomenal cleansing, hydrating, and protective options!

HVBL Brand

Combining years of real-world experience with the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available, Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa created our own line of customizable skincare products. These fantastic formulations provide the ultimate in skincare and maintenance.


skinbetter Science

For a biotech-based skincare choice, skinbetter Science is literally the science behind an innovative approach to skincare. We chose them because they’re constantly discovering and developing breakthrough technologies backed by the highest standards of clinical and scientific validation.


iS Clinical

iS Clinical delivers pharmaceutical-grade skincare products created with the highest ethical and business standards. Every effort is made to develop clinically validated skincare products that improve both physical and emotional well-being for people across the globe.

How It Works

You’ve invested in yourself through your treatments and therapies. That is excellent—you deserve it! Now you need to support your progress at home with your home-based skincare regimen.

Rather than entrust your investment to generic products designed for “anyone,” we recommend pharmaceutical-grade skincare products specifically formulated for your unique needs! With help from your HVBL provider, you can discover skincare support that’s powerful, personal, and only available through a licensed provider—like us!

Benefits of HVBL

Your skin is our focus. We're all about helping you achieve your personal skin goals. When our products are paired with your chosen treatments and services, we’re confident you’ll reach your healthy, realistic skin goals! 

What to Expect

Let's talk about your concerns, your goals, and how to make your natural beauty shine.

Policies at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey of personal discovery and empowerment. To make sure it’s as smooth and wonderful as possible, please feel free to read our policies for the information you need to have a more beautiful experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Is a Big Deal

Enroll in an HVBL Beauty Pass Membership and save money while you save money! Each membership banks your monthly payment and applies it toward any services or products.

You’ll also save 10 to 15% off products and single services, depending on your level of Beauty Pass. Plus, get a complimentary “Glow Getter” Geneo Super Facial (a $200 value) and even more power perks.


About Hudson Valley Beauty Lab & Medi Spa

HVBL began as a passion project for Randi Quick, RN.

You’ll discover that Randi continues to be passionate about improving your experience, your results, and the skills of herself and the HVBL team. This requires constant training and career growth for everyone on staff, along with the personal passion to serve and make life better for the surrounding community.

Find out more about the lady with no “Off” button, her amazing team, and how this growing company gets joy and satisfaction from improving the world one client at a time.

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