Kristina Jacaruso

Licensed Esthetician

Working as a licensed Esthetician, Kristina enjoys a variety of outlets for treating all ages and skin conditions. Kristina attended Capri Cosmetology Learning Center where she obtained certifications and excelled in many specialties such as speciality facials, body treatments, waxing and make up.

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About KristinA.

Kristina is a Licensed Esthetician and currently treating a wide variety of skin conditions here at Hudson Valley Beauty Lab. Before exploring the world of skincare, Kristina started her career in a medical supervisory position for over 13 years. Although she loved what she did, Kristina knew there was more for her out there.

Kristina believes that true beauty begins within, but that healthy glowing skin starts here with professional skin therapy and smart at-home skin maintenance. Her goal is to help you gain a renewed

sense of confidence in your skin. She loves working one on one with you to help you achieve long-term skin health.

A lot of people say Kristina is very easy to talk to and she truly prides herself on that. Kristina strives to make her clients feel comfortable and confident when they are in her treatment room. She welcomes all skincare questions and encourages you to ask away! After all, knowledge IS power.



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Dermalogica Clean Touch


Let's talk about your concerns, your goals, and how together we can make your natural beauty shine.