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Nurse Randi Talks “Skinimalism”

What is skinimalism? According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report, it describes the stripping back of our skincare (and make-up) routines creating a more minimalist approach; whether that means reducing the number of products in our routines, or simply wearing less foundation allowing our real skin to shine through. It’s about unlearning bad skin care advice, harnessing the power of multitasking products, and finally committing to a more sustainable beauty routine.

Skinimalism is a sexy new “skin term” we have adopted in hopes to entice those women who are using too many of the wrong products; be it make up or skin care.

How do we make our natural skin worthy of showing off? It’s really quite simple…

Education. Education and continued education are key ingredients in becoming great at just about anything, including taking care of our skin.

When we learn about our skin, what it’s sensitive to, what it needs and how to formulate the right “skin recipe,” our chances of radiant, heathy glowing skin are almost guaranteed.

We realize all this skin talk can feel overwhelming for the novice, exactly the reason we mention how joining arms with a skin care professional is crucial.

The lack of knowledge surrounding appropriate skin care has become quite evident to us lately.  HVBL takes enormous pride in educating our clients and encouraging them to “try something new.”

There was a time when a “make-up free” face was terrifying…. Only because our natural skin was suffering from loss of collagen, environmental pollutants, stress, acne and dehydration!

Rest assured, we have helped  hundreds of clients thus far obtain skin they never thought possible. We would love to help you, also!

The pharmaceutical skin care lines we carry, in combination with facials or Procell Microchanneling could be the beginning of your best skin yet.

If “Skinimalism” intrigues you, send us an email requesting a complimentary consultation! We got your back, now let’s get that skin shining!

We can’t wait to see you!


Nurse Randi