Payment Plans

Treat Now, Pay Later

Yes, you heard that right. Payment Plans Are Now Available at HVBL!

Here’s the scoop on this sweet news…  Hudson Valley Beauty Lab and Medi Spa is partnering with Cherry, a simple, fast, and flexible payment plan option for all clients! Nurse Randi is always looking out for her clients best interest when it comes to the HVBL experience. From services to products, she is ecstatic to now offer the best financial option too.

Cherry is a point of sale financing company that offers all clients the opportunity to “buy now, pay later”!

“It’s like Klarna, but for your face!”- Nurse Randi

Cherry is known for their fast, easy, no gimmick application process to give you what you really want and need. You can get approved with Cherry in under 30 seconds AND complete a purchase in a fast and painless way. Cherry gives you the flexibility to create your own monthly payment plan and has zero impact on your credit! For those with a 700+ credit score, there is 0% interest. For those with varying levels of credit, payment plans are also available with varying interest rates. Get approved with credit scores as low at 520! There is no hard pull on your credit either!

So come and get a taste of the sweetest Cherry pie! Hey Alexa, play Dua Lipa’s “Sweetest Pie” so we can do our happy, medi dance.


Join Cherry Here