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We Launched Our New Website!

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Beauty Lab Blog, where you can get all the latest insights on cutting-edge aesthetic services and skincare trends.

At HVBL, we dedicate our time to providing our patients with the best in aesthetic advancements and wellness and beauty treatments. We offer personalized services to help you meet your skincare needs, shake off the stress of the work week, and achieve the results of your dreams.

Rejuvenation is for websites–too!

Whether you’re new to the world of aesthetics or you’ve visited Nurse Randi and the HVBL team before, we hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful and educational new website we built with the help of the award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

Throughout the design development process, we thought through every turn of phrase, every link, and every image on our website. We made sure each online visitor gets the same welcome online as they would get from a visit to our spa.

Our new website features include:

As part of this whole process, the Lifted Logic media team visited us on-site in Newburgh, NY to capture photos and videos of the HVBL team providing our cutting-edge treatments to real patients. We had an amazing time showcasing our treatments, our style, and the patients who make the HVBL community such a wonderful place to be.

We had an amazing time working with Nurse Randi and the rest of the HVBL team to give them a beautiful new website! The way they approach patient education and aesthetic care is truly inspiring. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, Hudson Valley Beauty Lab!

— Hailey, Project Manager at Lifted Logic

We are so excited to share our new site!

Feel free to explore our website or contact us today for more information about our services.

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